The History of Amycel

Our History

1975 Monterey Mushrooms opens its first farm in Watsonville California, the start of what will become one of the largest mushroom companies.

1979 Amycel began producing spawn in San Juan Batista California, as the result of a licensing agreement between Monterey Mushrooms and Somycel of France.

1980's Amycel established its research facility at the primary Monterey Mushroom farm in Watsonville California.

1987 Monterey acquired the Spawn Mate corporation, which created the Amycel Spawn Mate team and pushed the combination to the forefront of both spawn and supplement markets. The Amycel and Spawn Mate research were brought together focusing on New Strain development, spawn strain certifications, and nutritional research.

1991 The Somycel relationship was mutually agreed to be terminated.

1994 Amycel opened the Vendome plant with a capacity of approximately 6 million litres per year.

2014 Increase of the production capacity in Vendome to 20 million litres per year. Besides expanding its capacity, the newly designed equipment facilitates the production of High Performance spawns such as Onyxx