Pleurotus Strains

Our Oyster mushroom varieties.

Amycel offers you some nice strains. They will be inoculated on millet grain preferable.

Other varieties can be produced on demand. Contact your Amycel representative for the available strains.


Pleurotus ostreatus hybrid. Fresh market all year strain.

Very good quality oyster mushroom., adapts to different growing conditions and substrates

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Pleurotus ostreatus hybrid. Fresh market , September to March.

Grey oyster mushroom, suitable for the colder period, very productive in the 1e flush.


Amycel 3004 is a summer-spring Pleurotus florida selected to produce from white to brown carpofore, have fruit-bodies aggregated in regular clusters. Cap’s diameter is in between 4 to 10 cm, typically from round to shell formed.


Amycel 3027 is a summer-spring Pleurotus hybrid, produce light-grey to dark-grey-brown fruit-bodies with short stem. Cap diameter 5 to 12 cm, round formed. 3027 produces a very good quality mushroom when spawned in cold season and supported with supplement ProMycel Pleurotus.


Pleurotus ostreatus. Fresh market, Spring/Autumn

Size between 7 and 20 cm, 2 flushes close together, a productive strain.