White Strains


The Triple X is a hybrid suitable for mushroom production for the fresh or the preserved market. Triple X can be grown as strain for hand picking but also as a strain for mechanical harvest.

Triple X has a very white cap which is round and smooth. The stalk is slightly bulbous and in general the mushroom can be described as a dense mushroom. The yields are very good in all flushes. Triple X shows good post-harvest refrigeration keeping qualities. It is very popular with fresh market professionals because of its good shelve life..

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Triple X Strain


Delta is a hybrid suitable for mushroom production for the fresh or preserved market.

It is very productive in 1st and 2nd flushes. It gives very white mushrooms with a very round cap. The stalk is white and upright and therefore very suitable for mechanically harvest. The Delta gives a regular timing and fast flushing and the size is medium to large.

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Phoenixx is a hybrid suitable for production of mushrooms for the fresh market but also for the mechanical Harvest. For the mechanical harvest is special equipment required because of the thick and shorter stem. The Phoenixx gives a very good quality mushroom with a very white, round and smooth cap. The stalk is slightly bulbous. It is a very productive strain in 3 flushes. The Phoenixx gives an excellent shelf life.

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Phoenixx Strain